General Information

What is Pathos?

SCI - Pathos III is the most active Roblox SCPF community in the genre. 

Founded by Daxrentha on March 5, 2020, we are a Roblox SCPF community seeking to bring together people of like-minded interests. With a playerbase of over 150,000 people, nearly 18,000 Discord community members, and more than a dozen departments to join, there's always something to do. Participate in "serious roleplay" in a secret facility beneath the Pacific Ocean as a Class-D test subject, a Security Agent guarding the facility from illicit hostiles, a research scientist hired to experiment on deadly anomalies, and so much more.

Who will you be?  The choice is yours.

Class-D Personnel

Class-D are held in custody by the Foundation to aid in research and anomaly interaction and containment, often involuntarily participating as test subjects in dangerous experiments or directly interacting with anomalies. Due to the unreleased stress gathered from these experiments, the Class-D often rally together and riot against the Foundation. This can be exhilarating for most, but keep in mind the Foundation does not take kindly to uncooperative Class-D and will not hesitate to terminate troublemakers.

Class-D Containment Locations:

Cell Block: The Class-D spawn area; where Class-D are restricted to during lockdowns or the Lockup period.

Solitary Confinement: Isolated cells to control rioting Class-D personnel for a short period of time.

Mines: Taking up most of the CDC (Class-D Containment), many passive Class-D choose to take up mining to pass the days. Class-D may acquire a pickaxe and mine ore in exchange for credits, purchasing gear upgrades a permit to mine in the Deep Caverns. 

Tunnels: Surrounding the entire facility lies a massive maze of tunnels, some still waiting to be discovered. Only the smartest shall use its various access points to navigate the facility undetected.

Guardline: Willing Class-D may choose to join the queue and wait to participate in an experiment here. If they're unlucky, they might be chosen to feed SCP-682. Foundation Personnel may also observe the Class-D in their daily activities from the Class-D Containment Viewing Area (CDCVA).

Vendors: There are several Class-D vendors throughout the CDC, offering mining tool upgrades and permits, as well as the Juggernaut: some of the strongest armor in the game! Rumor has it there are hidden vendors in the tunnels above the facility selling even more lethal equipment.

Solitary Confinement:

To assist the Security Department with calming the riot nature of Class-D, solitary confinement cells are put in place to allow combatives to isolate dangerous Class-D personnel for a short period of time so that the combatives may regain control of the CDC. Solitary confinement was previously thought of as a punishment for rioting, which was intentionally designed as a core gameplay mechanic for Class-D. Now, while confined, Class-D personnel may leave the game or change to a civil team to await their sentencing to finish.

Gamepass Content:

All of our gamepasses and developer products are specially designed for the Class-D experience. While none of this content is required, they provide for a unique experience and a noticeable boost to gameplay. All Robux profit goes towards funding development, paying our hard-working developers, and advertising to build our community. Your support and donations help keep the content you enjoy free for other players.

Game Locations




Site Phi:

Site PHI is where most residential activities take place, and where all civil department spawns are. Along with an administrative complex, shooting range, and fully-equipped medical wing, Site Phi is the primary hub where Foundation Personnel hang out. Outside Site Phi is the Pandora crystal, an anomaly known to bridge the gap between the human world and a dangerous alternate universe. Close contact with this anomaly will have lethal consequences.

Across from Site Phi is the Technical Wing and the Research Wing.




Clean Rooms:

The Clean Rooms is a sector housed within the Research Wing and contains all safe class anomalies. This area is used almost solely by the Scientific Department to conduct tests. The Clean Rooms also holds additional testing chambers for Scientific Personnel to freely test on SCP objects as needed. 




Site Omicron:

Site Omicron primarily contains the Class-D Containment Zone, the Security Department spawn and a large civil area. Site Omicron is often referred to as the "Class-D Containment Zone" or the "CDCZ" and is the activity hub for Class-D personnel. All personnel stored here shall be used by scientific personnel in one of their main experiments, await certain death.




Site Epsilon:

Site Epsilon is the primary storage facility for all lethal anomalies. Site Epsilon is split into two separate sections:  the Moderate Containment Zone–which houses all Euclid class anomalies, and the Heavy Containment Zone–which contains all Keter class anomalies. Site Epsilon is almost always manned by combative personnel, and is frequently used by the Scientific Department for research purposes. 


Pathos was the first ever Roblox community to implement "actable" anomalies that are controlled live by another player, and continues to lead the genre in anomaly development. To maintain the quality of our in-game interactions between player and anomaly, the Anomaly Actors is one of the hardest departments to join. Below is a complete list of every anomaly–static and sentient–that you may encounter in-game. All Alpha Containment Zone (ACZ) anomalies are custom-designed by our Manufacturing Department and/or inspired by the SCP Wiki.

Comprehensive information on the anomalies contained within Pathos can be found in the SCP Directory.

Clean Room Anomalies
















MCZ Anomalies

SCP-009 (Disabled)








HCZ Anomalies








RS-8871 (Disabled)


Protocols & Lockdowns

Blue Sky
There are no active threats within the facility, Foundation operations are to return to normal.
A prime opportunity for checkups, interviews, seminars, and experiments.

Yellow Ember
A possible threat in the facility has been sighted; all operations may continue unless elevated to a Red Heron. This often occurs when an anomaly is suspected to have breached containment or if there's a possible attack on the Foundation from hostile forces.

Red Heron
A hostile SCP has breached containment; immediate action is required. All civil operations must cease and Foundation Personnel are mandated to the Breach Shelter or their department spawn area.

Protocol Blackout disengages all lights throughout the entire Facility.
This is often used for combatives equipped with nightvision goggles to gain advantage over a hostile force.
All non-combative personnel are advised to stay in their spawn area or move to the Breach Shelter.

Purple Reign
Hostile forces are entering and raiding the Facility.
Installation Command is usually restricted to combative personnel.
All other personnel are to report to the Breach Shelter.

An excess of Class-D have escaped containment and are actively hostile.
All Foundation Personnel should stay in Site Phi or their spawn area for safety.
All unauthorized Class-D personnel are terminated at this time.

Oxygen Depletion
A last resort; depletes the Facility of all oxygen, terminating all Foundation Personnel, Class-D Personnel, and most sentient anomalies not inside of the Breach Shelter.

Chain of Command

O5 Council (Departmental Overseers) 

Installation Director (Administrative Leadership) 

Security Class 4 (Department Directorate) 

Security Class 3 (Departmental High Command)

Security Class 0-2 (Foundation Personnel)

Department Limitations

Foundation Personnel must not be within more than two general departments. (Anomaly Actors, Administrative Department, Internal Security Service, and the Manufacturing Department are excluded).

Foundation personnel are only allowed within one combative department