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With great responsibilities and great powers, the Foundation requires a wide range of staff varying in specializations. These individuals must first demonstrate their knowledge of the Foundation, determination, wit, and prior experience if they have any. 

All individuals begin as a Class-D when they join the group. To begin your journey in the Foundation, you must file a Security Class - 0 application in the Application Center. This will require you to demonstrate why you want to join the Foundation, and help us get to know you. Foundation Personnel may apply for higher security clearances up to Security Class - 2 if they wish to do so, each one being progressively harder to complete, and pass. While applications for departments such as the Medical Department and Scientific Department will always remain open for new applicants, many others are exclusive and open for short periods of time; these often have specific requirements to apply, such as possessing Security Class - 2 or being in a department X months.

What You Need to Know

• You must be in the Roblox Pathos group before applying, or your application will be denied. 

• You must submit a pending request to the Roblox group of the department you applied for before you apply. If your application was accepted but you failed to submit a request, join the Application Center and press the ACCEPT JOIN button after you have submitted a request to the group.

• Alternate accounts must be registered to become Foundation Personnel.

• If your application status is "Reviewed" but was not accepted or denied, your application was flagged by our application reviewers. This is nothing to worry about, and is a part of our internal review process.

• Wait for your application to be read patiently. A small percentage of applications may take 3 or 4 days to be reviewed for a variety of reasons. If your application hasn't been read after at least 4 days, you may contact an Admissions Secretary.

• If you are not automatically ranked within 24 hours after passing your application, contact an Admissions Secretary.

• Do not ask an Admissions Officer or Secretary to read your application unless it has been over 96 hours since submission. Your application will be immediately denied.

• All application answers must be original and not AI-generated. Plagiarism will result in your applicant permissions being restricted.

If your application is accepted, run /roles update to receive your roles in the server.

Quick Tips

• Read each question carefully.

• Capitalize the word Foundation in your applications.

• One-sentence answers and multiple grammatical errors are common grounds for denial.

• Application answers can be found on this website in the Resources category and through any attached links.

Take your time! Elaborate your point as much as possible and explain your main points.

• The application is about you, not other people. Instead of looking for others' answers (which is plagiarism), focus on your personal experience. Be honest!

• When answering questions that ask you about lore, it is preferred that you refer to Pathos lore instead of the SCP Wiki. In other words, ensure that your answer is directly relevant to Pathos

Still Have Questions?

Contact an Admissions Secretary on Discord: