Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SCP Foundation?

The SCP Foundation was created as a fictional organization where anyone could make their own entities and anomalies and post it. These subjects are referred to as SCPs; many people have created groups within many platforms for these, one of these being this very site: SCI - Pathos III. Here we have based our own site on this same organization and branched off creating our own spin on it.

Visit this Wikipedia page for more information.

How do I verify my account in the Discord server?

Run /verify in our communications server, or visit

All these Class-D have a "Kingpin" title above their head. What is it and how do I get it?
The Class-D Kingpin gamepass is a limited-time gamepass which grants Class-D players increased perks and equipment in-game, including a specialised name tag. The pass only goes on sale once every few months, and you will be alerted in the Discord server when it is. 

Do I need to purchase gamepasses to have fun?
Pathos does not require you to own gamepasses for any reason. However, if you do wish to have some extra firepower and gain some easy strength as a Class-D, then Pathos offers a variety of purchaseable content to better your gameplay.

I have a suggestion and/or bug report. Where should I post it?
All concerns, suggestions, and bug reports should be directed to our feedback website.

How do I leave the Class D team? How do I join a department?
In order to climb the ranks of the Foundation, you need to apply for Security Class-0 clearance. This is a short and simple application filled out in the Application Center and will grant you access to the Foundation Personnel team, and the ability to apply for a driver's license and higher security clearance.

Where can I find answers to the application questions?
Our applications are specially tailored to draw knowledge from a wide range of sources; Foundation Law, department guidelines, and overall Pathos knowledge. For most applications, simply reading through the Universal Guidelines and department handbooks will suffice.

All application answers must be original, creative, and not AI-generated.

How often do department applications open?
The Medical, Scientific, and Security department are always accepting new applicants through the Application Center. Other departments such as the Ethics Committee, Department of Diplomatic Affairs, and Mobile Task Forces will occasionally open inductions through notices in the communications server.

My application keeps getting denied, what am I doing wrong?
There are a number of reasons and application may get denied. Make sure to review your answers again, and ensure they provide ample detail, correct answers, and under no circumstances feature any form of plagiarism or AI-generated content. Reading the guidelines is extremely important when applying; remember to always be sure of what is being asked before submitting.

How do I get a Driver's License?

Driver's Licenses are aqcuired via the Pathos Application Center. Applicants must complete a short quiz that is automatically graded upon completion. If they pass, they will then be awarded a vehicle license in-game. 

A license may be temporarily or permanently revoked by the Ethics Committee if deemed necessary.

Someone is breaking the rules. Where do I report them?
If you see somebody breaking the Foundation Law (in-game rules), then create a report here. If someone is violating the Discord rules, then feel free to report them to a Community Staff member. 

Nobody is above breaking the rules even if they are a higher rank than you. If in doubt, report it.

How do I interact with the SCPs? Are there certain things I should or shouldn't do?
Sentient SCPs are often seen roaming throughout Pathos, and it is imperative you treat them with respect as you would another person. Give them personal space, avoid overly rude comments, and if they appear to be growing annoyed about something don't keep doing it. Avoiding angered SCPs is important; being found responsible could lead to prosecution by the Ethics Committee.

Can I be in as many departments as I want?
Unfortunately, no. We have a departmental limit in place, which is very simple and easy to follow. Personnel may be in one combative (MTF & SD) and one non-combative/civil (DDA, EC, MD, ScD, etc) department, or two civil departments. The few exceptions to this rule are specialised or 'misc' departments. These are the Administrative Department, Department of Admissions, Internal Security Service, Manufacturing Department, and Anomaly Actors.

How do I become an Anomaly Actor?
The Anomaly Actors is an exclusive and selective department, which is extremely difficult to gain entry into. There are two ways to join: rare applications (requiring SC-2 clearance) which will be announced in the communications server, and handpicking, which occurs to those who are well known within Pathos and specifically selected by AA command.

How old do I need to be to play the game? Do I need to have Discord to be in a department?
Discord is not required if you only wish to be a Class-D or Foundation Personnel, but joining a department will require you to possess a Discord account and actively use it. Thus, to adhere to Discord's Terms of Service, all personnel in a department must be 13 years of age or older.

How do I become a command member?
Those within Foundation Command have advanced to a high position within a certain department. Becoming a member of medium, high, or central command is a long-term process that will require true dedication. Each department has differing promotion requirements, but if you have a department you enjoy and have the time to invest nothing is impossible!
These responsibilities include time, flexibility, and dedication. To ensure that our command members are adequately prepared and qualified for the position there is often a large amount of pre-requisite requirements in place. 

How do I ally my SCPF with Pathos?
All information regarding Foundation alliances can be found in the Public Embassy server.

Still have questions?

Our Community Staff members are ready and willing to help you out. Create a support ticket by DMing ModMail#5460.