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This website is the central information hub for all things Pathos.
As the ultimate point of reference for all legitimate public information about SCI - Pathos III, content such as public documentation, game guidelines information forms, lore, news blogs (coming soon!), and more can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: The Departments subcategory and Game Moderation page are yet to be updated and may contain outdated information.

Our Community

Pathos has arguably the most active community in the Roblox genre. With this large following, there's always something brewing on-site or in our Discord community server! 

Check out these photos to see some of our community's creations, funny moments on-site, and more featured content!

Introducing 1048-N

1048-N (Timmy) takes center stage!
This tiny innocent teddy roughly the size of a pistol can be seen all around the site. Careful, they're fragile; get too close and it might shoot one of its eyes at you!

Want to stay on its good side? Timmy loves candy! Offer him a certain kind, and you'll be best friends forever. But watch out: if there's one, there's usually three more!

Support Us!

Donating Robux through gamepass and developer product purchases is a simple way of supporting us, but can be just as effective as Patreon. Plus, you get awesome game content every time you support us!

As a Server Booster, you gain access to an exclusive teaser channel as well as a private Discord chat channel. Teasers are released periodically, though more frequently for Patreon members.

Choosing from a $5, $10, or $15 monthly subscription, Patreon Subscribers have access to a broad range of perks: a channel where they get access to every teaser weeks before server boosters see them, a communication channel, a private forum for asking questions, development streams, an exclusive role in-game, and so much more! Supporting through Patreon is the best option for us so we can directly pay our developers. In return, you get these awesome perks! To support us through Patreon, click here!

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